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Sales Hotline: +65 6100 1880

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Leedon Green

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  • MCL Land & Yanlord Land‎


  • 638

    Total Units

  • Mar 2024

    Expected T.O.P

  • 26 Leedon Heights


  • D10 - Tanglin / Holland


  • hFreehold


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1 Bedroom
Fr $1,314,000
474-603 Sqft
1 Bedroom + Study
Fr $1,490,000
538-689 Sqft
2 Bedroom
Fr $1,703,000

614-840 Sqft

2 Bedroom + Study
Fr $2,342,000

818-926 Sqft

3 Bedroom
Fr $2,742,000

958 Sqft

3 Bedroom Exclusive
Fr $3,899,000

1356-1485 Sqft

3 Bedroom Premium
Fr $3,024,000

1044-1076 Sqft

4 Bedroom Exclusive
Fr $4,359,000

1496-1615 Sqft

(All prices for Leedon Green displayed here are for NPS and are for reference purposes. Prices are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. This webpage cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions and/or dispute.)

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